Everyone Is Welcome!

Everyone Is Welcome!

Everyone Is Welcome!Everyone Is Welcome!

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Letter From Pastor Carol

Dear Moravia Brothers and Sisters,

This morning I sat on the back porch of the parsonage with a cup of coffee. The birds were singing and the breeze was blowing and the cool breeze brushed across my face. It all seemed a very normal March morning. But it isn’t normal is it?!? We have lived into some very different days right now. The things that we have depended on to be “normal” or “constant” are not. How do we move forward in the days to come.

Let me say first of all, though our days are different now, our God is unchanging. The grace we needed to get through our days 3 weeks ago is still there. In fact all that we need from God is there for us in our Lord Jesus Christ. 

We have had to stop our meetings and activities, but, we continue to be a community of faith and service. The Moravia Church Board met last night and our primary concern was and remains the well being of the congregation. These following are things we wish for you to keep in mind.

· Though we cannot meet face to face, we still can communicate through phone and media. With this in mind…call some friends and family, stay connected. 

· There are several churches that are streaming worship during the coming Sundays. You will need to go to their websites and find their service streaming. These services are live and in archives.

    o Calvary Moravian Church

    o Home Moravian Church

    o New Philadelphia Moravian Church

    o Trinity Moravian Church

· I am available to any of you by phone if you need me. My number is 336-926-0381. Call me if you need prayer or just to talk. I am not planning to visit in these isolation days due to my own vulnerability if infected. But, I am here for you. 

· If you or anyone you know contracts the virus and you want us to remember them in prayer, please call me.

· It is important for those of us to continue our giving to the congregation. Many aspects of our life will continue through the coming weeks. We need to pay our bills and our staff. We also need to have outlets for generosity. There are three ways you can give.

o Send your contributions by mail to Moravia Moravian Church, 2920 Oak Ridge Road, 

Oak Ridge, NC 27310 

o Take your gift to Sam Anders’ office and drop it in the mail slot for his office or take it in to his staff.       Sam’s Address is 8004 Linville Rd., Oak Ridge, NC, 27310. It is located just beside the Bojangles on HWY 68.

o The Moravian Ministry Foundation has opened a portal for us to receive donations online. In your search engine go to “mmfa giving portal.” This should take you to a list of our churches. Select “Moravia Moravian Church” and you will go to the donation page. This works for credit cards and direct draft from your checking account. 

We are praying that you will stay well during this time. 

God be with you.

Pastor Carol