About Us

What We Believe


First and foremost, Moravians believe deeply in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We believe that the manner in which we live our lives is the most important testimony. Those who live a life of love and respect for others testify more clearly of God and God's love. The Moravian Church does not focus so much on "right doctrine," but rather on "right living."

The motto of the Moravian Church is: 
In Essentials, UNITY;
In Non-essentials, LIBERTY;

In All Things, LOVE.

The Moravian Church emphasizes only those core values that are made clear in the Bible, especially those taught and lived by our Lord Jesus Christ, who we regard to be the highest and best revelation of the nature of God. Issues that are not made clear in the Bible, particularly those that have historically divided the Church, are left to the individual believer. For example, the Moravian Church is one of the only denominations that does not teach a specific understanding of communion; people of Roman Catholic, Lutheran, or Baptist backgrounds are welcome to meet at the Lord’s Table where each understanding of Communion will be respected. 

Some of our basic beliefs are contained in a document known as The Ground of the Unity. The Moravian Church also has a wonderful resource in its Moravian Covenant for Christian Living which attempts to guide members toward living the highest standard of life based on Christ's teachings.

More Information about the Moravian Church, including a more extensive description of our faith and practices, can be found at www.moravian.org

You may also visit the Moravian Archives website at www.moravianarchives.org